Cleansing Your Healing Crystals
Cleansing Your Healing Crystals
By Brooke Nelson On 12,05,2017 Comments (0)

The reason we cleanse crystals, besides the fact that when we bring them home they may have debris from the...

Gem Spotlight: Rose Quartz
Gem Spotlight: Rose Quartz
By Brooke Nelson On 05,05,2017 Comments (0)

Quartz comes in many color variations, one of those being pink, the color we associate with heart and love, which...

lava beads
Gem Spotlight: Lava
By Brooke Nelson On 03,05,2017 Comments (0)

Lava is something that is not the first stone that comes to mind when thinking about crystals. However, taking a...

A Quick Guide to Aromatherapy
A Quick Guide to Aromatherapy
By Brooke Nelson On 02,05,2017 Comments (0)

When you smell something nice, such as an appealing perfume, or a tasty dish being cooked in the kitchen, or...

labradorite image
Gem Spotlight: Labradorite
By Brooke Nelson On 01,05,2017 Comments (0)

IF you are going through or seeking a change in your life, then Labradorite is the crystal that you should...

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